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Our monthly curriculum for all age groups is designed to peak a variety of interests in the areas of art, music, language, drama, science, math, history, technology, health, and physical activity.  The curriculum includes planned learning experiences that support problem solving, critical thinking, communication, social skills and relationship building.  The children learn about good health, proper nutrition, personal safety and explore cultural, social and individual diversity.  The teachers plan their curriculum based on the students in their classroom so they can meet the needs of each individual child, while giving them the opportunity to express their growing interests.  There is a balance of structured activities as well as free play.  Each month we offer "themes of the month" such as Transportation, The Farm, All About Me, Community and Safety Awareness, The Circus and Zoo, and My Five Senses.  

Infants enjoy activities, games and songs that are developmentally appropriate and planned for each individual child.  Toddlers engage in many language development activities and self help skills.  Preschool curriculum also includes learning sign language and muticultural songs and stories in languages such as spanish, french and portugese.  

Daily Schedule

Each classroom's daily schedule includes a variety of structured activities and free play, offers times throughout the day to utilize the computer lab and indoor playroom, includes time outside twice a day and, for those children who are here for the full day, a rest time.  Infant schedules are based on whatever schedule works best for the parents and children so that their schedules stay consistent with home.

Philosophy & Goals For Our Children

The programs offered at Children's Express Learning Center will enhance your child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.  Children learn best and have the most fun when they are exploring and involved in productive activities, as well as supervised free play.  Children's Express Learning Center provides stimulating activities and encourages children to make their own choices where they can continue to succeed and grow at a pace which is comfortable to them.  Through a mix of formal and informal learning environments, children as individuals learn to achieve self reliance skills. 
They will also learn to work together and learn to exhibit social
and cooperative skills.     

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