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Welcome to the Infant Classrooms! We enroll children as early as 4 weeks old.  In these classrooms our infants are on their own individual schedule, so that we can keep the consistency of a schedule that works best for you and your baby at home.  The classrooms are divided by age, as well as where they are developmentally.  Each classroom is licensed for up to 7 children.  Each child has their own crib, as well as opportunities to relax in the swing, explore in the exersaucer or cuddle with their teacher in the rocking chair.  The classrooms are full of age appropriate educational  materials as well as soft toys, mats and cushions for those children ready to explore.

Welcome to the Infant / Toddler Classroom!
This cozy room is licensed for up to 4 children. The room has a great mix of soft areas as well as space to play and an area to do fun activities.  This classroom is designed to be a transition classroom for those older infants, getting ready to move up to the toddler classroom, and young toddlers that are not yet ready to transition to that next group. 

Welcome to the Toddler Classrooms!
  Ages of the toddlers range from 15 months to 2.9 years of age.  Each classroom is licensed for up to 9 children.  The younger toddler classroom is divided into four large areas, so that each area can be enjoyed by one child as well as the entire group.  The older toddler classroom is divided into six areas which gives them the opportunity to experience their growing interests.  There is also a separate bathroom in these areas to assist with toilet training for this age group.


Welcome to the Preschool Classrooms!
  Many of our students begin their enrollment as young infants and toddlers, and in a few short years will be going off to public school.  We try to group the preschool children together by age so that they will already have friends when they make that transition.  The preschool classrooms are divided into art, language, music, manipulatives, science, math, homeliving, construction and circle areas.  There are sinks and bathrooms in the classrooms for easy accessibility.  The younger preschool group assists with toilet training, helps with the transition from the older toddler room and prepares them for the older preschool group.

Welcome to the Pre-K / School Age Classroom!
  This classroom prepares children who will be entering kindergarten and assists older children in public school with homework and study skills.  The classroom is divided into areas similar to preschool, but with a large emphasis on table areas, giving the children opportunities to work in large groups as well as individually.   

Welcome to the Computer Lab / Resource Center!
  Our computer lab is an area where the children of all ages can learn how to navigate their way through different age appropriate programs.  It is utilized by all age groups.  The resource area gives parents an opportunity to browse through our great selection of books and activities such as developmentally appropriate practices, arts and crafts, science experiments, cook books and more.  We also have a variety of children's movies and DVDs available for parents to borrow.  

Welcome to the Indoor Playroom! 
This area was designed to offer an area outside of the classroom for the children to be able to exercise, sing and dance, utilize gross motor skills or gather for a special event.  This area is also located next to the kitchen.  It gives classrooms the oportunity to do cooking projects, make playdough and experiment with science activities.  

Welcome to the Outside Playgrounds! 
Learning does not stop at the classroom door!  We utilize our playgrounds not only as an opportunity to run, jump and climb, but also as an opportunity to expand our curriculum outside as well.  Experimenting with science magnifiers, sand and water activities, building with over size mega legos, painting on an easel, or having a tea party are just a few of the many activities the children enjoy outside.  We have an infant / toddler playground with swings, slides, play house, and plenty of push and ride toys.  The preschool / school age playground has several climbers, basketball hoops, sand box, trikes and horses, where the children love to pretend they are galloping to far off lands.  The playground structure areas are filled with rubber mulch which is resilient, and quick to dry, and gives us extra opportunities to enjoy the outside, even after it has rained.  The third space is an open grassy area that the children enjoy playing kick ball, potato sack races and having picnics. 
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